Covert Cameras for Ensuring Protection and Safety

Covert Cameras for Ensuring Protection and Safety

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09 Mar
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These are real stories of people using covert cameras successfully. Some were accomplished using wired covert cameras (not with built in recorders) which were then transmitted by wire or wireless to a recorder.

A woman in California was finding strange entries on her computer at home and began to suspect that someone was able to somehow gain access to her computer. This seemed to be improbable as she lived alone. She arranged to have a covert camera look at her computer. After one week of the surveillance she learned  that her ex husband was still able to gain entry to her house and was viewing her emails.

A “semi care” residential home in Florida kept getting reports of theft from the rooms of some of the seniors living there. They set up a surveillance with the cooperation of one of the people living there. They made sure that the woman living there left some items of jewelry in plain site and pointed a covert camera in that direction.  After two weeks, a necklace was stollen and the surveillance revealed that it was taken by a maintenance person.  Further surveillance within this facility uncovered two more employees who were routinely stealing.

A national Pizza chain was experiencing losses that could not be explained in several locations, so they set up covert surveillance in several locations. This revealed cash being routinely stollen by a manager in one restaurant and food theft in another along with something that they did not expect.  While searching for theft, in one unit they uncovered employees that were not adhering to the cleanliness policies of the chain and causing potential health hazards.

A New York insurance company was receiving complains of petty theft of personal items from employees.  Most of the thefts began soon after a new office worker was hired. Some of the employees were sure it was the new young man who they observed doing what they interpreted as “suspicious” things including leaving the parking lot at a high rate of speed.  A surveillance was arranged in one office, leaving petty cash as bait. It did not take long for the money to be stollen. The replay clearly identified a long time female employee taking the cash. When interviewed and confronted with the recorded evidence, the woman admitted to the prior thefts as well and simply said that she needed the money. This of course exonerated the new employee, who apparently just liked to drive fast.

A pharmacy was “loosing” medicine at an increasing rate and could not figure out what was going on.  Since they employed many people who had access to drugs, the only way that they could find out who was stealing was with the use of a covert camera.  But, the camera did not reveal any instances of theft. They continued to investigate and found that their was a “glitch” in their record keeping and that thefts had not been taking place. So, while the camera did not “catch” anyone, it did help in the investigation by showing no pattern of thefts.

A hotel had several expensive items that guests reported stollen. They made a room up to look like a guest was staying in it and left a watch on a sink in the bathroom. The room was cleaned and made up in the morning and the watch was still there. Then engineering was called to fix a cable TV problem while the “guest” said that they were leaving. The video clearly revealed the engineering employee seeing and stealing the watch.  It turned out that this employee had a drug abuse problem and needed to supplement his income.

These are just a few of the kinds of success that can be had through the use of covert cameras and in particular, Spyder Video’s special cameras with built in motion sensing digital recorders.

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