Covert Stories

Covert Stories

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02 Oct
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In this article, we’ll introduce covert or so called spy cameras, what their main purpose is; where and how they can be used; available models on the market; but most importantly, covert cameras prices and renting options. All with one aim - to show you a very reasonable and effective way to accomplish successful surveillance.

Covert cameras are hidden cameras that can be separate or independent from your surveillance system (if you have one).   Camera and recorder can be separated by hundreds of feet.  New models may even have built in DVR’s.  Some camera models can be used remotely and are smart phone compatible. Others can be point-to-point wireless, or even WiFi-IP.                                                                                                                               

People use concealed cameras, mostly to record evidence of a recurring or anticipated crime. The most common uses in business, are theft of products, cash and even proprietary or secret company information. Vandalism and harassment are other frequently recorded incidents, through the use of covert cameras.

Where to hide covert cameras?  It depends on why you are using cameras. For instance, if thefts have been occurring in an office environment, a camera/recorder, which does not appear to be a camera, placed strategically in an office which has experienced theft, or which contains valuables, may be an excellent place for a surveillance. The back door of restaurants, retail stores or businesses, may be the place where merchandise is “disappearing”. Finding a location that can see who is exiting, may lead to an apprehension of a thief.  Similarly, simply placing a camera/recorder in an area that can see who is coming into a home may confirm suspicions.Some of the products used include smoke detectors; portable fans; desktop clocks, radios or speakers; emergency lights; thermostats and pencil sharpeners.

An important consideration is to carefully choose covert camera placement in terms of lighting.  It should not be looking directly at a very bright light. Consider whether the light will change from the time of your test, such as daylight streaming through, or someone turning lights on and off and how this will affect your picture. If possible, keep strong direct light sources out of the view of the camera and try to choose angles that will put some light on the anticipated subject’s face. Always test the quality of the picture, by checking with a test monitor when setting up. 

If you need professional technical assistance, the Spyder Video techs are experts in video surveillance, but are not allowed to discuss specific applications, particularly as pertains to home use.  You will find that the most reasonable and easiest way to accomplish surveillance is simply to rent from Spyder Video. Call Spyder Video at (858) 505-1037, or look at

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