Q  Do you try to protect my privacy when I rent from you?
A  Yes, we will not rent, or sell your name and we will not reveal it to anyone.  The shipping box does not indicate what is inside and our company name is not shown.

Q  After I catch someone, how do I save the video?
A  You can simply remove the SD card and insert it into a PC or Lap-top & easily download the pictures.

Q  How do I know that the camera will “see” & record what I want to view?
A  Every rental comes with a set up monitor to allow you to see and program.

Q  How long will it continue to record?
A  The built in DVR is motion sensing and will record approximately 10 hours of activity (motion) with the 8GB SD card supplied.  You can use up to a 32GB card, which can give you about 40hours of motion record time.

Q  Does it shut down when it’s full?
A  That is up to you.  You can program it to re-record and continue or to shut down.

Q  What if I Rent a camera/DVR and I am not happy with it?
A  We only supply professional, high resolution technology for clear, sharp images.  If you are dissatisfied with any of our products upon receipt, just call or email tech assist within 24 hours of receipt and we will try to help you.  If you are still not satisfied, just ask us for a UPS pick up, ship it back right away and we will reverse the credit card charge for the rental.

Q  Can I record audio as well as video?
A  No, audio is not legal within a covert camera.

Q  What if I want to keep the SD card after my rental?
A  Yes, you can buy the SD card if you like.

Q  Do I need to plug the camera in to electric?
A  Yes, The camera needs to be plugged in at all times to function.