About Us



Crimes against business, institutions and individuals often re-occure when the perpetrator is not apprehended. These are frequently the types of illegal activities that can be caught only through the use of covert video systems.


The purchase of the necessary equipment  to do a surveillance can be prohibitive for situations where it is unlikely that there will be more then one use for the camera equipment within a short period of time.


The simple solution is to rent, but until now, rentals have been costly and often required complex and time consuming installation.  Spyder Video is now helping you catch crime on video with a very easy to set up, plug in device that contains a camera and recorder inside of an ordinary looking object.  Best of all, Spyder Video’s rental prices are a complete game changer.  Never before has it been possible to catch crimes on video so inexpensively.


This new technology is in the same systems that are being used by many branches of the U.S. Government, including all military, medical facilities and major corporations.


We are a technical company, bringing you non-technical solutions.  It takes but a few minutes to set up a covert video surveillance and be ready to catch crime on video.  Virtually anyone can open the box and with no experience in video have a working surveillance easily and with the highest of quality.


Spyder Video contributes 5% of all profit to the Miramar Semper Fidelis Rotary Club, to help enlisted service members and their families, as well as Rotary’s other programs, including world wide Polio eradication. We operate as a Green business.  Our entire team is dedicated to our customers success with our rental equipment.  We are industry professionals with many years in security video.